Melbourne Instruments Delia

12-voice polyphonic hybrid synthesizer

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State-of-the-art bi-timbral polysynth with motorised control panels, a 49-key velocity and aftertouch sensitive keyboard, multi-mode analogue filters, high and low pass resonance control, 3-stage overdrive, extensive modulation options, Rotary Recall technology, A/B Morph function, and Mod Mode, providing musicians and composers with limitless creative potential and advanced sound design capabilities.

At a glance

  • Motorised control panel
  • 6 voice polyphony
  • 12-note mode via 6 analogue filter circuits
  • Bi-timbral — layers/splits/stacks
  • Multi-mode analog filters and VCAs
  • 4 oscillators per voice: 2 x Modelled VCOs, Wavetable, Noise/XOR/Aux
  • A/B patch morphing
  • 49-key semi-weighted keybed inc. velocity and aftertouch
  • Pitchbend and modwheel

The Melbourne Instrument Delia is a cutting-edge bi-timbral polysynth inspired by the innovative Melbourne Instruments Nina. It blends traditional design with futuristic controls and features a 49-key keyboard sensitive to velocity and aftertouch, versatile multi-mode analogue filters, high—and low-pass resonance control, 3-stage overdrive, and an expansive array of modulation options. With the integration of Rotary Recall technology, Delia paves the way for new sonic horizons.

Analogue Soul with a Digital Brain

Delia seamlessly combines authentic analogue filters with virtual analogue modelling. This ensures the preservation of the rich, overdriven sounds of genuine analogue ladder filters while a sophisticated digital interface manages modelled VCOs, wavetables, and high-pass filters. The synthesis of analogue and digital elements, harnessed through Delia’s unique 12-note mode, employs 12 complete oscillator banks into the six filters, reducing note stealing and fully unleashing bi-timbral capabilities.

Precision Multi-Mode Filters

At the heart of Delia’s sound engine is a true analogue low-pass filter, offering a spectrum from warm and sweet to intensely aggressive tones. This is paired with a modelled high-pass ladder filter, enabling bandpass and notch filtering. With both 12 and 24dB slopes and distinct high/low-pass resonance controls, Delia provides extensive sound-shaping possibilities, from delicate plucks to robust, overdriven basses and leads.

Total Recall — It’s Not a Dream!

Although Delia has fewer knobs than its predecessor Nina, it maintains extensive control through the Rotary Recall system. This system delivers a ‘knob per function’ experience without overwhelming the user with numerous controls, facilitating easy navigation among four oscillators, three LFOs, multi-mode filters, envelope generators, and effects, promoting adventurous performance and sound design.

Morph Every Parameter, Then Mod It

Delia’s A/B Morph feature allows users to seamlessly switch between timbres, actively recalculating parameters between A and B patches to create entirely new sounds. Morph serves as a modulation destination, enhancing creative control via aftertouch, mod wheel, and expression and further expanding sound design potential.

Step into an Infinite Sound Matrix

Delia’s Mod Mode automates the Modulation Matrix setup, with knobs adjusting to show modulation amounts as you switch between 20 modulation sources. This fluid workflow combines the flexibility of software synthesis with the tactile engagement of hardware, ensuring a seamless sound design experience.

Building on Innovation

Delia inherits several acclaimed features from Nina, such as 4-Quadrant Analogue VCAs, Morphing, Digital Effects, and Digital Wavetable Oscillator. Additional enhancements include sequencer phrase looping, overdubbing, and an Effects Macro control. Virtual Analogue Oscillators model Nina’s circuitry while adding cross-modulation, and with 20 modulation sources and 40+ mod destinations, Delia offers a vast sound palette. Two digital effects processors, capable of operating in series or parallel, provide further creative freedom. With the ability to store over 16,000 presets Delia ensures that memory limitations never constrain inspiration. The high-definition LCD offers real-time visual feedback for waveform and envelope adjustments.

Voice architecture

  • True analog filters and stereo VCAs
  • 4 Oscillators per voice: VA Modelled VCOs, Wavetable, Noise/XOR/Aux
  • 6 Analog voice circuits with 12-note mode that retains 4 oscillators/voice
  • Unlimited Modulation Matrix - 20 sources x 40 destinations
  • 3 x LFOs with variable shapes: Sine, Triangle, Square, Ramp up, Ramp down, Random)
  • 3 x Envelopes: VCA, VCF, Aux


  • Control panel automation & interactivity
  • Instant Preset Recall - every knob moves to position
  • Interactive Morphing with parameter isolation
  • Interactive Mod Matrix setup
  • Instant Layer Recall - panel changes to active patch
  • Multi LFO, Envelope and Filter Settings Recall
  • Effects Level and Macro Parameter Recall
  • Instant ‘INIT’ control panel reset

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