Moog 953 Duophonic Keyboard, Walnut

Handcrafted Duophonic Keyboard For MU Format Modular Systems

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a 61 note duo-phonic keyboard that makes the perfect accompaniment to Moog's Legacy modular systems

The Moog 953 is a 61-note duophonic keyboard controller that was re-released back in 2015 from Moogs back catalogue, with the development of the legacy modular system re-issues Moog realized they needed to bring their iconic keyboard back to fruition.

The 953 is the very same keyboard model that many of Moog’s modular systems shipped with back in the 60’s and 70’s and its development transformed these experimental modular environments into one of a kind musical instruments.

Herb Deutsch was the guy who convinced Bob Moog to use a keyboard to control his new form of instrument, it’s widely considered that if Herb hadn’t suggested this synthesizers as we know them now would be very very different.

953 is duo-phonic, which means it can produce two control voltages at once allowing to seamlessly control two distinct pitches at once, letting you form a bass part and a lead part at the same time.

Each control voltage or note has a collection of controls letting you fine tune how it reacts to your playing; scale let’s you apply a voltage offset to resulting note, range let’s you increase or decrease the entire output voltage for that note and portamento let’s you define the amount of slide or slew between one voltage to the next.

There’s also four switches the let you turn the glide on, select linear or exponential glide and even apply a gate to the glide.

For the real Moog modular experience, the 953 is absolute must have.

The main features of the Moog 953 Keyboard include:

  • 61 note duophonic keyboard
  • Send two simultaneous control voltages
  • Control panel allows for fine tuning the keyboards response
  • Available in both black and walnut finishes
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