Moog Compliment B Analogue Sequencer

Legacy modular sequencer

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The Moog Complement B, an Analogue Sequencer re-issued by Moog Music in all it's glory. After three years of RnD Moog felt comfortable enough to release a limited number of modular systems into the wild and what would a MU Modular be without a sequencer

The Moog Sequencer Compliment B is one of the original expansion cabinet for the Moog Modular Systems, originally released in 1974 the compliment B has become one of the most iconic sequencers in the 5U format.

Reissued to the exact specification as the original, the seqeuncer comprises of the following modules:

2x 960 Sequential Controllers

1x 961 Interface

2x 962 Sequential Switch

1x 994 Dual Multiples Panel

Each painstaikingly recreated and handbuilt with care in Asheville North Carolina, using the same components and building techniques ot provide the most authenic feel and workflow possible.

The Comp B is one sequencer no serious modular user should be without, a collectible piece of synthesizer history.

The main features of the Moog Sequencer Compliment B includes:

Recreation of the 1974 classic expansion cabinet B

Can be used in various compations and forms

Runs at audio rate, so it can be used as a complex oscillator

5U format with MU power

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