Moog Grandmother Analogue Synthesizer

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The Moog Grandmother is a Semi-Modular Analogue Synthesizer that harks back to a vintage era of Moog's history, boasting the best of Moog's modular range in a keyboard format, providing a deep, complex architecture in a familiar form factor.

Grandmother is unlike any other Moog synthesizer that precedes it; a modular monophonic keyboard comprised of Moog "modules" that can be rewired and hacked to your hearts content, thanks to it's 3.5mm eurorack friendly compatible patch points. But if patching is not your thing, don't worry, Grandmother has a fully normalled signal path, meaning you can enjoy all the incredible tone it has, without plugging in a single cable.

In terms of architecture, Grandmother features a common VCO, VCF, VCA signal path, which as previously mentioned can be undone and routed to your liking. On the front panel you have a total of 9 modules;

  • An arpeggiator and sequencer, which it great for creating phrases and sequences giving you hands off control to enjoy turning knobs, from the Subsequent 37
  • Modulation, which provides an LFO with multiple waveforms, destinations and much more
  • Oscillators, two wide range, multi wave analogue oscillators derived from the Model D
  • Mixer, a three channel mixer that feeds into the filter akin to the CP3
  • Multiples and attenuator, a signal multiplier and attenuator
  • Filter, perhaps the most important part of a Moog! The Grandmother has a 24dB transistor ladder filter which is one of the signature components of the Moog sound based on the 904
  • Envelope, a simple yet very intuitive ADSR envelope with a slider for sustain amount, based on the 911
  • Output module, which controls the overall volume based on the 902 VCA
  • Spring reverb send amount, this single knob controls the amount of signal that feeds into the spring reverb tank, based on the Moog 905

Grand Mother is a unique addition the Moog range, which gives a nod to their heritage but also allows for a very diverse user experience thanks to it's modular layout.

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