Moog Labyrinth

Semi-modular Analogue Synthesizer

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Semi-modular parallel generative analogue synthesizer equipped with dual eight-step digital sequencers, a voltage-controlled wavefolder, dual oscillators, a ring modulator, noise generator, state-variable filter, multiple VCAs, 32 patch points, and comprehensive rear panel connectivity, all designed to craft evolving polymetric melodies and intricate analogue textures.

At a glance

  • Semi-modular parallel generative analogue synthesizer
  • Dual eight-step digital sequencers
  • Voltage-controlled wavefolder
  • Dual oscillators
  • Ring modulator
  • Noise generator
  • State-variable filter
  • Multiple VCAs
  • 32 patch points
  • Comprehensive rear panel connectivity

The Moog Labyrinth is a parallel generative analogue sequencer that integrates a classic West Coast sound into the Mother Ecosystem. It provides a rich tapestry of analogue synthesizer history with unexpected and familiar sonic textures.

Generative Sequencer

Labyrinth features dual generative sequencers that evolve sounds over time, giving you control over their development and scale, allowing for intricate polymetric melodies. The instrument's parallel analogue signal paths make it perfect for adding vibrant layers to the steady foundation of a drum pattern or bassline.

Dual Generative Sequencer

At the heart of Labyrinth lies a powerful dual sequencer that uses chance-based algorithms to create two unique eight-step sequences, interweaving and evolving in fascinating ways.

Sonic Wandering

The parallel voice processing path, combined with voltage-controlled blending, enables continuous sound morphing, providing a dynamic sonic landscape.

Voltage-Controlled Wavefolder

This innovative take on the Moog sound employs a voltage-controlled wavefolder driven by two oscillators to produce duophonic melodic counterpoints, metallic FM tones, and rich analogue synthetic drums.

What's more

Analogue Synthesis Engine

  • Sources: VCO, MOD VCO, RING MOD, NOISE Generator
  • Signal Processors: 1x Voltage-Controlled Wavefolder, 1x Voltage-Controlled State-Variable Filter, 2x VCAs
  • Modulators: 2x Decay-only envelope generators

Patch Bay

  • Jacks: 32 x 3.5mm
  • Inputs: 20 input jacks
  • Outputs: 12 output jacks

Rear Panel

  • Audio: 1/4" TRS headphone or 1/4” TS instrument
  • Power: Power supply connection
  • Security: Kensington lock slot

Eurorack Specs

  • Current Draw: 290 mA (maximum) from +12V (10-pin header)
  • Mounting Dims: 60HP (8mm module depth)

In the Box

  • Labyrinth Semi-Modular Parallel Generative Analog Synthesizer
  • Power Supply
  • Patch Sheet Overlays
  • Patch Cables (5x 12")
  • Registration Card
  • Quickstart Guide
  • Cheat Codes
  • Safety & Warranty Manual

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