Moog Subharmonicon

Semi-Modular Analogue Synthesizer

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Semi-Modular Analogue Synthesizer

The Moog Subharmonicon is a Paraphonic Semi Modular Analogue Synthesizer that uses an usual method to generate sequences and audio, that are based on the concept of mathematical sub-divisions.

Originally a Moogfest exclusive DIY project, the Subharmonicon has since undergone some subtle design changes for its retail release; it now features a programmable pitch quantiser, so you can force the oscillators into tune and the front panel has also been refined to improve the usability.

Subharmonicon is probably one of the more obscure machines Moog have released, since it's sequencing and tone generating capabilities are both derived from subdivisions of clock and subdivisions of audio to generate its namesake: Subharmonics.

Onboard are two four step sequencers whos speed and playback nature can be defined by subdivided clocks, you can take a simple clock signal and divide that down to four different speeds which in turn can be programmed into either of the four step sequencers.

The resulting sequence information isn't your average 16th note patterns (it could be!), they are effectively polyrhythmic variations of the master tempo, which very rarely repeat theirselves in a predictable manner.

These concepts of subdivisions also carry over the oscillators, where the root notes of VCO 1 and 2 are split into sub octaves, effectively giving you 6 oscillators in total, with a sequencer for each master VCO and a mixer control for each of the sub divided oscillators.

In classic Moog style there's a gorgeous 24dB ladder filter with full resonance, a well stacked 32-point 3.5mm modular patchbay, MIDI input and Subharmonicon can also be removed from it's included case and be mounted and powered by any Eurorack standard case.

Subharmonicon is a very rewarding synthesizer, with a sequencing interface that draws you in and exudes a wealth of musical content you couldn't dream of programming on anything else.

The main features of the Moog Subharmonicon Include

  • Semi modular analogue synthesizer
  • Uses subdivisions for sequencing and tone generation
  • 32-point eurorack compatible patchbay
  • Can be used standalone or mounted into a Eurorack case
  • Includes a selection of patch cables
  • MIDI DIN to 3.5mm jack adaptor included

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