Moog Subsequent 37

Paraphonic Analogue Synthesizer

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Subsequent 37 Analogue Synthesizer is a re-engineered version of the modern icon, the Sub37. Based upon the limited edition Subsequent 37 CV, the subsequent 37 provides all the sonic improvements plus many more tools for more raw synthesis power.

The Moog Subsequent 37 is a 37-note paraphonic Analogue Synthesizer and is the upgraded version of the highly successful Sub 37 Tribute Edition. laden with a whole new array of upgrades taken from the limited edition Subsequent 37 CV.

A thoroughbred Moog through and through, the Subsequent 37 plays and sounds exactly as you'd expect a Moog to sound: powerful, rich and deep low end with complex shimmering harmonics, with very deep modulation capabilites. Equipped with a multi-mode transistor ladder filter, two variable waveform VCO's, a killer step sequencer and some really unique modulation capabilities.

The orginal Sub37 proved to be one of the most popular synthesizers crafted for modern times, thanks to a very well equipped set of synthesis tools, a fair price-tag and an (more importantly) incredible sound. In the interest of constant improvement, Moog set to perfect the Sub37, that's where the subsequent comes in. Equipped with all of the upgrades found on the Subsequent 37CV, they include:

  • Uprated multi-drive, for more harmonics and deeper distortion tones
  • Improved mixer headroom, for a better paraphonic experience
  • Higher output headphone amp, for better performance when cueing sounds live
  • Improved keybed, for more longevity
  • So if you were a fan of the sub37, you'll adore the sound of the subsequent37. With more headroom, overdrive and power, its the Sub you've always wanted.

    The main features of The Moog Subsequent 37 include

  • Two oscillators with variable wave shapes
  • Multi-mode transistor ladder filter
  • Two LFO's
  • Two envelope generators
  • Paraphonic sequencer
  • Two user assignable modulation busses
  • Uprated 37 note fatar keybed
  • More mixer headroom
  • Improved multidrive
  • Improved headphone output
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