Moog Therewave Theremini with Assistive Pitch Correction

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The Moog Theremini is a new theremin with assistive pitch correction to help user learn to play.

At its maximum position, the Theremini will play every note in a selected scale with no wrong notes. Decrease the control to bring more expressive control of pitch. Set it to a minimum and the Therimini will behave as a normal theremin.

In addition the Theremini features a built-in tuner that provides real-time visual feedback of each note played as well as how close to the perfect pitch. The tuner helps users learn to play the instrument as well as learning about scales and pitch.

In addition the Theremini lets you select presets based on 32 wavetable-based sounds, save a selected scale and root note, recall playing range and select settings for the included stereo delay.

A compact speaker is found on the top of the Theremini to play and rehearse anywhere, while the headphone socket allows for silent rehearsals. Two line-level outputs, Pitch CV output with selectable range and MIDI over mini USB Jack are provided.

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