Overstayer Modular Channel 8755 DM-LI

Stereo Line & Instrument Channel

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Stereo Analogue Channel Strip with Line/DI Preamp, Resonant Low-pass and High-Pass filters, Two-band shelving EQ, VCA compression and Harmonic controls.

At a glance

  • Versatile stereo analogue channel strip for tracking and Mixing
  • Offers subtle sound sculpting or sonic mayhem
  • Works with Balanced Line and high Impedance sources.
  • 40dB Discrete preamp gain
  • Resonant high-pass and Low-pass filter
  • Two-band Shelving EQ
  • Peak/RMS VCA Compressor with Attack and Release
  • Powerful Harmonics section with independent modes for subtle enhancement to all-out distortion.
  • Powerful Mixer Matrix for extensive parallel mixing

The Overstayer Modular Channel Stereo 8755DM-LI is a versatile stereo Line and instrument channel strip designed for tracking and mixing. It offers anything from subtle layered enhancement to complete sonic destruction.

The Overstayer Module Channel Stereo 8755DM-Li includes high-pass and low-pass filters, two-band equalisation, VCA compression, harmonics and a comprehensive mixer matrix for sophisticated series and parallel mixing.

The preamp lets you choose between a balanced line, microphone, and high-impedance inputs to accommodate your requirements as a tracking or mixing tool. It uses discrete circuitry with independent left and right controls and provides more than 40 dB of gain.

The balanced line signal can be routed through the preamp to drive the front end. Direct outputs are provided at the preamp stage and can be used independently with selected line input.

The following filter section provides resonant high-pass and low-pass filters inspired by synthesisers' filters that offer control over the frequency response and its resonance. A two-band EQ with low and high shelves augments this. Three frequency points for each band are provided to shape the sound quickly. The EQ can be used in the main signal, the compression side-chain, and the Dry/EQ Feed.

The VCA Compressor provides a choice between Peak and RMS. Attack and Release controls have three positions for each, and a side-chain HPF is also provided. The Behavior knob transforms the compression curve and gives you a wide range of options from smooth levelling to explosive mayhem thanks to its use of inverted ratios.

The harmonics section comprises three stages and can be engaged in any combination, from the subtle MAS low-order harmonics and SAT for a more obvious saturated sound to the hex mode, which provides higher harmonics and layered distortion.

Finally, a powerful Mixer Matrix lets you send independent stereo feeds before the filter or after the EQ. In contrast, the Comp Feed lets you send the signal out pre-harmonics, while the Sat Feed gives you the full flavour of the entire signal path.

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