Radial Nuance Select

Monitor Controller


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High-fidelity audio monitor controller engineered for studio settings, prioritizing audio clarity and low distortion. It offers versatile connectivity through dual stereo inputs, balanced TRS outputs for speakers, and a full-range subwoofer output. The device also features two independent headphone amplifiers with selectable inputs for precise monitoring. Designed for transparency and detailed sound reproduction, the Nuance Select ensures that what you hear reflects your mix, making it an essential tool for audio professionals seeking quality and versatility in their studio setup.

At a glance

  • Silent switching between two monitor sets and a subwoofer.
  • Dual stereo input sources, with an assignable Aux output for additional connectivity.
  • Two independent headphone amplifiers with selectable source input.
  • Exceptionally low distortion, ensuring a transparent and true audio experience.

The Radial Nuance Select is a refined audio monitor controller meticulously engineered for studio use. This device is designed to deliver audio with exceptional clarity, featuring an imperceptibly low distortion profile. Through its sophisticated circuit design, the Nuance Select ensures that the output through your speakers is a faithful representation of your mix without compromising audio quality.

The Nuance Select comes equipped with comprehensive input and output options. It offers dual sets of stereo source inputs and balanced TRS outputs for powered speakers, ensuring a versatile setup. Additionally, it includes a full-range subwoofer output that can be paired with either set of speakers as needed. For personal monitoring, the device provides two independent headphone amplifiers, each capable of selecting its own stereo source. This feature is particularly useful for providing an artist a specific mix while monitoring a different mix. The headphone outputs are conveniently placed on the front panel for easy access, and an additional stereo Aux output on the rear panel allows for further expansion, such as connecting another headphone amplifier for live room tracking.

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