Router, mic preamp, MADI/AVB converter and more

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State-of-the-art analogue conversion device featuring four XLR-TRS combo inputs, remote-controllable 75dB gain, and high input line level sensitivity, making it highly versatile for various microphones and settings. It ensures robust security and power stability and offers advanced MADI signal compatibility for seamless redundancy and full bandwidth in optional configurations. The device excels in networked audio with its 8-Stream gigabit AVB, supporting up to 128 audio channels. Its intuitive interface, complemented by extensive remote control options, simplifies operation and configuration. With its superior input stage, drawn from RME's flagship Fireface series, and a comprehensive feature set, the AVB Tool is a premium solution for professionals seeking impeccable audio performance and reliability.

At a glance

  • Four XLR-TRS combo inputs with remote controllable 75 dB gain in 1 dB step
  • Switchable high impedance on every channel
  • Powered via included external power supply
  • K-slot lock port
  • 128 channels of MADI I/O
  • Half rack 19" device
  • Seamless redundancy is available for all MADI signal
  • Easy access over the web-based remote control

The RME AVB Tool emerges as an exemplary analogue conversion device, boasting a quartet of XLR-TRS combo inputs. This device delivers remote-controllable gain adjustment up to 75dB in precise 1dB increments, combined with an input line level sensitivity peaking at +18 dBu. It comes equipped with a duo of analogue line-level outputs, offering selectable reference levels of +4/+19 dBu, complemented by a stereo headphone output. Its versatility is further enhanced by including switchable high impedance on each channel, rendering the AVB Tool adept for various microphones, sources, and acoustic settings.

Powering this device is a hassle-free affair, thanks to an external power supply with a secure locking connector. A K-slot lock port is incorporated for added security, safeguarding the device against unauthorised removal.

In terms of MADI signal compatibility, the AVB Tool stands out with its provision for seamless redundancy across all MADI signals. This feature becomes active when the secondary MADI port replicates the coaxial MADI input, ensuring a robust failover mechanism against network component failures. For scenarios where redundancy isn't a prerequisite, the device accommodates an (optional) optical single- or multimode MADI module as a distinct MADI I/O, supporting full bandwidth.

Advancing into the realm of 8-Stream gigabit AVB, the RME AVB core within the device now supports an expanded count of eight streams, available in either the traditional AM824 (legacy AVB) format or the high-performance AAF (MILAN compatible) format. This enhancement permits the transmission and reception of 128 audio channels over AVB across all configurable stream sizes and formats.

The input stage of the AVB Tool is a masterpiece, amalgamating components from RME's esteemed Fireface UFX II and UFX+. This fusion results in an AD converter augmented with switchable high impedance, a balanced line level on the TRS, and a pair of balanced line-level outputs at the rear for precision monitoring.

Interacting with the AVB Tool is an intuitive experience facilitated by an encoder and buttons for effortless access to many controllable parameters. Remote control capabilities are extensive, ranging from a web interface to Wi-Fi connectivity. These allow for the formation of gain groups, toggling of phantom power, and meticulous signal routing to headphone channels. The integrated routing matrix is a swift conduit directing any analogue input straight to the headphone output. With these features at your disposal, signal integrity, clocking, and connectivity issues become relics of a bygone era.

In essence, the AVB Tool is not just a piece of equipment; it's a comprehensive solution engineered to meet and surpass the demanding standards of audio professionals.

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