Rupert Neve Designs 5088

Large format Mixing Desk


The 5088 is completely modular Console allowing channel strips and processing modules like EQ, microphone preamps and dynamics to be added or removed to meet changing demands. The entirely discrete 5088 console incorporates custom designed input and output transformers, a hallmark of Mr. Rupert Neve's mixing consoles over the years.

"It’s top tier...this thing will never go out of style."


At a glance

  • Legendary Rupert Neve Designed Console
  • Bespoke audio transformers on every channel
  • Unparalleled headroom and dynamic range
  • Expandable 16 Channel Line Mixer
  • 8 Group Busses
  • 8 Auxiliary Sends, 4 Stereo Effects Returns
  • Stereo Output Buss
  • optional SwiftMix Automation
  • The Rupert Neve Designs Shelford 5088 is a high voltage and entirely discrete console that incorporates custom-designed input and output transformers, a hallmark of Mr Rupert Neve's mixing consoles over the years. 

    The 5088 is an expandable 16 channel line mixer that provides 8 group busses, 8 auxiliary sends, 4 stereo effects returns and a stereo output buss.

    The Rupert Neve Designs Shelford 5088 represents the pinnacle of console design, thanks in no small part to Rupert Neve’s latest custom high voltage and discrete op-amps cards that not only deliver incredible headroom and dynamic range but also offer exceptionally low-noise and distortion as well as removing any crossover distortion.

    The Shelford 5088 continues Rupert Neve’s transformer-based designs with each input and output sporting custom-built transformers, offering the sweetness and larger-than-life sound attributed to Neve’s designs. 

    Highly Configurable

    The Rupert Neve Designs Shelford 5088 comes with 16 Mono and 4 Stereo Effects Returns as standard and is expandable in 16-channel sections (allowing for configurations of 32, 48, 64, 80 channels etc) or in a smaller 8-channel frame.

    The 16-channels expander chassis have the same form as the mainframe and allow for multiple expansion chassis depending on required channel counts. All internals, groups, solo, aux and master busses are linked through ribbon cables.

    8-channel frames are also available adding 8-channel modules that can be either mono or stereo, four buss outputs, four auxiliary sends and two stereo FX returns as well as a master section. This frame is suitable for smaller projects that do not require an extensive amount of Aux send and FX returns. The Penthouse section allows for sixteen slots in total but can instead be used to house 19” rack processors.

    Input Modules

    All input modules offer buss/line/tape input selections, transformer-coupled direct outputs which can be configured pre or post-fader, eight mix busses, eight auxiliary sends, and 100mm faders with solo/mute capability.

    Input modules come as Mono or Stereo. The Mono Input channels offer a choice of Tape, Line and Buss inputs while the Stereo version uses both Line inputs simultaneously and offers dedicated input trims and panning as well as adding a width control.

    Master Section

    The master section includes four stereo group modules as well as a monitor master section. 

    Each group module includes high-quality 100mm faders, direct outs and transformer-coupled inserts for each of the eight mix groups. The group master section merges an array of channel strips into four stereo stems with inserts and FX returns.

    The monitor/master section consists of six source selections and three transformer-coupled speaker outputs. It also boasts two large VU Meters, stereo inserts, talkback, stereo levels and a control room master level. 

    Penthouse (optional)

    If preamps and EQs are required, the 5088 provides an optional penthouse, to host either the Shelford 5052 Mic Pre and Inductor RQ or the 5051 Inductor EQ and Compressor. Each 16-channel penthouse holds 25 slots for vertical modules. These provide all the tonal shaping capabilities of the console and can be configured to precisely suit your requirements.

    The penthouse can also be configured to accept 19” rack outboard or existing modules from vintage consoles.


    The 5088 console comes with two VU meters as standard which can be routed to monitor the monitor signal.

    An extremely precise and finely calibrated meter bridge (optional) can also be added to the console, covering all input and group channels and can fit either on the top of the standard 5088 frame or atop the penthouse.

    SwiftMix Automation

    The 5088 faders can be upgraded with Rupert Neve’s SwiftMix Automation system that offers advanced transport control of your DAW as well as state of art motorised faders.

    The Swiftmix system comes in two independent and optional parts, the SwiftMix fader and the MC5 Master control. The 100mm motorised faders are touch-sensitive and deliver VCA-less control with a high degree of accuracy.

    The MC5 master control brings advanced transport as well as editing and grouping functionalities of your DAW, directly from the desk. This ensures a streamlined workflow. The MC5 requires at least one bank of 8 faders to function.

    The 5088 mixing console joins Mr Rupert Neve's range of rack-mountable Portico and Shelford modules, which include standalone microphone preamplification, equalization, filtering, dynamics control and tape emulation.

    From Rupert Neve :

    "The real power of the 5088 lies hidden within these transformer-coupled inputs and outputs and discrete, single-sided circuit topologies that produce 10dB greater dynamic range than any of my previous designs. The dynamic range is actually extended downwards to encompass the extremely small, often out-of-band signals – usually ignored – that go to complete our listening perspective, making sounds warmer, sweeter and fuller, apparently affecting the low and mid frequencies.

    The significance of this enormous dynamic range and the frequency response that extends comfortably beyond 100kHz lies in the ability of the 5088 to source, retain and mix the microscopically tiny signals that are essential to retention and enhancement of the full soundscape.

    The first time I actually heard music played through a 5088, I just…relaxed. A wave of satisfaction swept over me – I didn't have to measure, I just listened and thought, ‘Boy, I think we've actually achieved it.’ There is something about the 5088 which I have not been able to get from any other piece of equipment."

  • 8 Channel Master
Width: 76 cm, 29.9 inches
Depth: 74.4 cm, 29.3 inches 
Height: 27.2 cm, 10.7 inches
Weight: 140 lbs, 63.5 kg
    • 8 Channel Master with Penthouse and Meterbridge
Width: 76 cm, 29.9 inches
Depth: 105 cm, 41.33 inches
Height: 58.2 cm, 22.9 inches
Weight: 190 lbs, 86.2 kg
    • 16 Channel Master
Width: 116.8 cm, 45.9 inches
Depth: 74.4 cm, 29.3 inches 
Height: 27.2 cm, 10.7 inches 
Weight: 235 lbs, 106.5 kg
    • 16 Channel Master with Penthouse and Meterbridge
Width: 116.8 cm, 45.9 inches
Depth: 105 cm, 41.33 inches
Height: 58.2 cm, 22.9 inches
Weight (loaded): 485 lbs, 219 kg (approx.)
    • 16 Channel Expansion Sections (each)
Width: 73 cm, 28.7 inches
Depth: 74.4 cm, 29.3 inches 
Height: 27.2 cm, 10.7 inches
    • 16 Channel Expansion Sections with Penthouse and Meterbridge (each)
Width: 73 cm, 28.7 inches
Depth: 105 cm, 41.33 inches
Height: 58.2 cm, 22.9 inches

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