Rupert Neve Designs Master Buss Converter

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The Rupert Neve Designs Master Bus Converter is a dual-path AD converter and limiter with variable Silk texture.

The Rupert Neve Designs Master Bus Converter combines Rupert Neve's expertise in analogue circuit design with the digital converter technologies originally found in the RMP-D8 to create the highest recording level, mixing or mastering.

Dual-Path Analogue Circuit

The analogue circuit features a unique dual path, using either a Class A transformerless path for maximum transparency or a custom inter-stage audio transformers path with Silk controls for additional tonal enhancements.

The Class-A transformerless circuit has been carefully designed to provide a stunning sense of clarity, detail and vibrance with none of the thin characteristics and lack of punch attributed to most transformerless designs.

The second path offers a bolder and more powerful sound thanks to its custom-design inter-stage transformer. The new transformer has been carefully designed to ensure the desired harmonic content at levels appropriate for the converter stage adding all the colours required with no clipping.

Furthermore, the variable Silk circuit adds further colouration inspired by vintage designs. It boasts its standard dual-mode (Red/Blue), which shifts the harmonics into the low band (Blue) or the mid/high-frequencies (red).

With a choice between detail and clarity or more coloured to vintage tones, the Master Bus Converter delivers a wide range of tones that will suit all applications.

Compound Active Release Analogue Limiter

The MBC also includes a stereo limiter designed to provide better performance and musicality than limiter plug-ins but also works as a safety net while tracking live performance and broadcast.

The limiter uses a refined version of Rupert Neve's active release technology, ensuring superior accuracy and musicality. The limiter remains transparent and pushes the audio source level without sacrifice.

The limiter also includes additional controls, including a Side-chain HPF ranging from 20Hz to 250Hz, minimising Low-Frequency interaction. The Threshold controls the maximum level of the digital signal, ensuring that the limiter works before that, while the variable release time changes the response characteristics to suit the different source material. If more levels into the limiters are desired, a Class-A Line amplification stage offers an additional 20dB of super-clean gain. 

The Limiter works as dual mono or stereo linked via the Link switch.

A Mastering Converter

The MBC's 24-bit/192kHz takes the conversion technology found on the RMP-D8 to the next step. After years of research and extensive listening tests, the new converter offers improved internal clocking for reduced phase noise and increased jitter rejection. It accurately captures your music, translating in incredible clarity and detail.

This powerful AD converter comes equipped with AES, S/PDIF and TOSlink connectors which can be used simultaneously for multiple destinations. The internal word clock provides extremely accurate performance, ensuring your MBC can be used as a high-end master clock for the entire system. The World clock input provides for external syncing to an external master clock if required.

Four standard reference levels ranging between -14dBFS to -20dBFS provide seamless integration with a multi-channel conversion environment, matching the levels found on other converters. Relay-controlled stepped attenuation and high-precision resistors ensure high accuracy to match the required standard reference levels.

Ultra-precise Metering

Finally, the Master Bus Converter includes a pair of 22-segment meters providing extreme level metering precision of the converter's input stage. This brand-new LED metering design delivers the highest resolution in Rupert Neve Designs equipment.

The Limiter section also includes an 8-segment gain reduction meter to show gain reduction with superior accuracy. A Peak Hold option also allows for a 1-second or 3-second hold if required.

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