Tasty Chips ECR+

Eurorack Convolution Reverb


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Convolution reverb module and a significant upgrade of the ECR-1, providing improved audio and CV signal quality and a major upgrade of the firmware.

At a glance

  • Dual convolutions with AB preset system.
  • Browse through thousands of your favourite responses.
  • Record stereo samples.
  • Live and bumpless control and modulation of response envelope and pitch.
  • Ability to store all knob settings per sample.
  • Multi-channel display with envelope and parameter-value overlays and a clipping indicator.
  • Predictive gain control (to preemptively stop the output from blowing up).
  • Stereo or dual-mono inputs accept line level or Doepfer Eurorack level. Adjustable using the gain control knob.
  • 2×2 true stereo matrix.
  • Separate dry and wet controls.
  • Attack-Release Envelope with direct controls (2 knobs).
  • Crossfade knob (crossfades between the foreground and background response)
  • Pre-delay up to 2 seconds, real-time control.
  • Rotary encoder to quickly select responses (internal presets and the ones present on USB/SD).
  • High-pass (12 dB/oct) filter with adjustable cutoff.
  • Real-time pitch adjustment of response (-2 .. +2 octave).
  • Dual-mono (stereo pair) output.
  • Four modulation CV’s: – Response sample position – Crossfade – Stereo width – Aux: Wet, Pitch & input level.
  • Audition feature to quickly evaluate responses.
  • High-quality ALPS potentiometers.Update firmware via USB stick.

The Tasty Chips ECR+ Eurorack Convolver Reverb is a convolution reverb module and a significant upgrade of the ECR-1, providing improved audio and CV signal quality and a substantial upgrade of the firmware.

The Tasty Chips ECR+ delivers studio-quality performance in your eurorack system with lush and natural stereo reverbs. Traditional convolution reverbs offer limited options for modulation, but the ECR+ provides excellent ways to tweak the reverb in real-time and with very low delay.

Modulation possibilities include Impulse response position that creates a stimulating effect similar to filter sweeps, or pitch modulation of the impulse response. A Crossfade modulation CV input also lets you move between two impulse response samples in real-time, modulating between two different spaces.

The ECR+ comes with a USB key loaded with impulse responses, or you can add your own for creating otherworldly textures or adding a guitar cabinet, or whatever you can think of. The eurorack convolver also lets you record your response directly from your modular system. It includes two mini-jack inputs for stereo and dual-mono applications.

Separate controls for Dry and Wet amounts provide superior control over the mix by adding a touch of space to your instrument or mix or by drenching your patch in lush and spacious reverberations. The reverb itself includes controls over the predelay and stereo width and an envelope shaper for the impulse response. The 128x128px OLED screen provides a clear indication of settings even in light rooms.

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