Tegeler Audio Raumzeitmaschine RZM

Hybrid Daw-Contorlled Reverb

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Hybrid digital and analogue, plugin-controlled tube reverb that creates stunning and natural reverb sounds.

At a glance

  • True stereo
  • Input: XLR, transformer-balanced
  • Output: XLR, transformer-balanced
  • Reverb processor
  • Adjustable Pre-delay, Room size, Density and Decay Time
  • Ethernet
  • Controllable by the webpage of the device or by plug-in (VST, AU, AAX)
  • Servo pots
  • Dynamic: >110 dB unweighted
  • Attenuation-to-crosstalk ratio L/R >90 dB @ 1 kHz
  • Internal power supply (25 W)
  • Height: 88.1 mm (2u), Width: 483 mm, Depth: 250 mm

The Tegeler Audio Raumzeitmaschine is a hybrid digital and analogue, plugin-controlled tube reverb that creates stunning and natural reverb sounds. 

The Tegeler Audio Raumzeitmaschine uses a mixture of analogue and digital components to create its very unique reverb. The reverb is first calculated via its internal processor before getting enriched by the two double triode valves and transformers which can be used to simply enrich the sound.

The double triodes valves as well as the input and output transformers are intrinsic part of the sound allowing you to shape the sound and add colouration to the sound, simply by turning the input stage to drive the tubes from the input stage.

The Tegeler Audio Raumzeitmaschine parameters are kept to a minimum to let you instantly dial in the perfect sound for your mix. Controls of the reverb include Pre Delay, size and decay, while the additional controls let you decide on the amount of the reverb or its density. It also only offers one type of reverb instead of all the different flavours, focusing instead on a stunning sound.

Presets are also kept to a minimum on the unit, avoiding the endless scrolling on the small LCD screen. Instead, Tegeler has opted to include servo motors on all controls so the unit can be controlled remotely via the downloadable plug-in or by the internal Web Server. 

Connect the Raumzeitmaschine to your computer via Ethernet or to your wireless router and control your reverb in the sweet spot while watching the controls move to your chosen settings. Using the plug-in will also allow you to store and recall your settings with your session. 

The emphasis of the Raumzeitmaschine is to create natural enveloping sounds, it is possible to create unnatural sounds too. While It won’t replace other classic hardware reverbs, it will provide a unique sound that you will find yourself using a lot more than you first expected.

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