Tegeler Audio Schwerkraftmaschine

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The Tegeler Audio Schwerkraftmaschine is a unique Multimode tube compressor with a Digital Sidechain and DAW control, providing a wide range of compression normally unavailable in the analogue domain.

The Tegeler Audio Schwerkraftmaschine has the same Class A circuit at its heart with four triode valves and three transformers on their Vari-Tube Compressor. However, a unique it creates a digital control signal in the sidechain that makes it possible to emulate the behaviour of any existing compressor.

Modal Compression

The Schwerkraftmaschine features 11 compression modes ranging from well-known compression types such as VCA, Opto, Vari-Mu, Diode Bridge, FET to more complex types such as Multiband compression, De-essing and more.

  1. Multi-band Complex: This mode offers a multi-band like compression behaviour. It works by splitting the signal into 3 distinct bands which are used to create separate control signals. The control signals are then combined using a unique formula into a single signal. Each of the bands offers a unique influence on the compression to provide a balanced mix centred around psycho-acoustic perception of loudness.
  2. Diode Pressor: The Diode Pressor mode emulates classic diode bridge compression designs such as those found in the Neve 33609, Buzz Audio DBC-20, Dave Hill Design's Titan. The Diode Pressor features both a compressor section set a 5:1 and a limiter section set at 10:1 set 3dB higher. The signal hits the compressor first and if the signal exceeds the 3dB threshold difference it will also engage the limiter. As a result the Diode Pressor is an ideal candidate for use on drums or any source that reacts well to obvious compression.
  3. Breakthrough: This compressor works by limiting the amount of gain reduction possible to 6dB. This means that any additional signal going above 6dB remains unaffected. This behaviour can be found on the Elysia mPressor and provides a great way of keeping your signal under control while letting the natural performance unaffected. This mode works great on the drum buss where loud toms can sometimes push the gain reduction too much and suck the energy, or on vocals hitting a loud part.
  4. Stereo Transformer: This mode turns the Schwerkraftmaschine into Mid/Side compression. The L and Right channels are summed to create the Mid signal control while the Side signal control is obtained by subtracting the Left and Right channels. This mode is great to add movement to the stereo field or tightening up the Mid channel while keeping the side relatively unaffected.
  5. Vari-Tube Compressor: This mode lets you enjoy the Schwerkraftmaschine just as you would Tegeler's own VTC compressor. While the audio path remains exactly the same as the VTC, the side-chain and control signal have had to be precisely gauged and emulated to recreate the exact sound. 
  6. Voice Leveller: As the name suggests, this mode is specifically suited for vocals. It works by splitting the signal into two different control circuits: One slower to take care of longer-level changes and a faster one to capture short spikes. These are then fed into a comparator circuit that compares the control voltage of both control circuits and reproduces the higher of the two. This helps achieve a consistent level while maintaining aerodynamics.
  7. Optical Compressor: This mode recreates the idiosyncrasies of Opto compressors. It does so by recreating the precise properties of the light-resistant sensor such as response time and resistance. Unlike the most popular Opto compressor, The Schwerkraftmaschine gives you control over the attack and release. Set both to 5 for the classic Opto compression sound.
  8. Drum Smasher: This mode emulates the famous "All buttons in" setting of the 1176 compressor, adding definition, punch and attitude to your drums or other sources. Also works great in parallel on vocals.
  9. Classical VariMu: The second Vari-mu mode brings many properties of classic VariMu implementations (think Fairchild 670), such as quick response and soft knee to achieve highly organic compression with rich harmonics.
  10. Chart Analysis: The Classic VCA Mixbus mode. This mode intends to provide linear, punchy compression with snappy transients. It also provides "the glue" that gives a mix the final polish that makes it sound like a song. To achieve VCA compression in a Vari-Mu setting is no mean feat. The Schwerkraftmaschine does that by analysing its tubes and identifying its characteristic curve and factors in processing the control signal. Once these are calculated, the Schwerkraftmaschine behaves just like a VCA.
  11. Deesser: The last mode is a broadband Deesser, where the entire audio is compressed when detecting sibilance. the Side-chain filter lets you set the frequency of the sibilant detector ranging from 500Hz to 10kHz

Next Generation Controls

In addition to its impeccable analogue audio circuit, the Schwerkraftmaschine features forward-thinking features such as motorised controls powered by a servo motor and an OLED VU meter indicating the selected compression mode. As a result, this groundbreaking compressor can be manually controlled like traditional compressors or remotely controlled.

Connect the Schwerkraftmaschine to your network via the ethernet cable, and it will automatically receive the required settings via DHCP. 

Alternatively, you can download the Free plug-in and control your unit directly within your session. Motorised pots will follow the plug-in's setting and vice versa. All settings are then stored and recalled directly from your session.

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