Tegeler Audio Vari Tube Compressor

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The Tegeler Audio VTC Vari-Tube Compressor is a tube compressor for mixbuss or mastering applications designed to provide a very musical finishing touch.

 The Tegeler Audio VTC uses a Class-A circuit with four triode tubes per channel and 3 transformers to impart its rich, open sonic flavour tone. The triode tubes add pleasant overtones and presence, improving our perception of individual sound sources. On the other hand, the transformers add non-linearities before the compression stage, resulting in a tighter, more defined bass and pleasing rounding-off of the top-end.

Classic Design

Using the traditional Vari-mu architecture, the VTC does not include a ratio control, as the compression happens as the signal hits the valve. The compression is gentle at the start and gradually becomes more noticeable as the input gain is turned on. 

The VTC includes controls for attack and release, providing a wide range of time constants from drastic, fast pumping to slower, smoother compression. A Side-chain high-pass filter with two selectable frequency (60Hz, 120Hz) lets you minimise the impact of bass on the detection circuit.

The VTC now contains new, properly matched capacitors and transistors, which improves the accuracy, precision, and longevity of the L/R calibration process.

In Use

The Tegeler Audio VTC adds definition to your sound while keeping the lows and mids tightly controlled. It also provides a powerful means to glue all instruments into a "finished mix". The VTC can also be employed on stereo instruments to add density, weight and openness to a source or even two separate devices with different settings on the left and right channels.

Even when used at high settings, the VTC can provide up to -6 dB of gain reduction without audible pumping.

All the controls are stepped with 42 steps, giving the user very detailed control of the settings and easy recall. A Link switch also allows each channel to work independently or in stereo.

Compression or Colour

The VTC's new "Color/Comp" option offers the choice of what gets compressed and what merely gets coloured. When the switch is set to "Comp," compression is turned on. When the switch is set to "Color," the VTC does not compress the signal but still passes through the tubes.

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