Tegeler Audio VTRC Recording Channel (B-stock)

Tube Channel Strip

CAP2: 145750.0
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All-valve single-channel channel strip with Pultec-style EQ as well as Vari-mu and Opto compression options.


This B-Stock unit comes in original packaging, as new.

A full warranty of one year will be issued with this purchase.

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At a glance

  • Tube device (3 Triodes)
  • Class-A circuit
  • Frequency response: 20 – 20.000 Hz +/- 1,5dB
  • Stepped Potentiometers
  • Transformer balanced inputs and output
  • Microphone preamp with transformer / 48V / Phase
  • True 48V phantom power
  • High-impedance instrument input(100 kOhm)
  • Independent Opto and Vari-Tube compressors (vari-µ)
  • Soft-Knee
  • Program-adaptive attack and release timing
  • Pultec Style EQ

The Tegeler Audio VTRC Vari Tube Recording Channel is an all-valve single-channel channel strip with Pultec-style EQ as well as Vari-mu and Opto compression options.

The Tegeler Audio VTRC Vari Tube Recording Channel offers a wide range of colour options to suit your music from clean direct sound to rich and old-school. By using a combination of input, gain and output the VTRC is capable of delivering a wide range of tonal options while remaining detailed, open and sympathetic to the source.

A Pultec-style EQ

This is augmented by the Pultec-style EQ inspired by the legendary MEQ-5 with two boost bands and one cut band. The bass band includes a choice of 7 frequencies ranging from 80Hz all the way to 11kHz while both the mid cut and high boost include a choice of 11 frequencies, ranging between 200Hz to 7 kHz and 1.5 kHz to 24 kHz respectively.

Two Compressors

The VTRC uniquely includes two compressors, an opto and a vari-mu which can be activated independently. The opto compressor uses a vactrol cell as the gain reduction element and provides a nice open and softer compression to keep the overall performance consistent.

The Vari mu compressor on the other hand offers a more aggressive compression that helps bring up the quieter parts helping the source find its place in a dense arrangement. It is placed after the opto compressor in the chain.

Both compressors can be engaged independently and combined to provide an even sounding performance without ever sounding overcompressed. The included time constant offers three mode of operation but attack and release ultimately remain adapted to the incoming program.

The compressors can be placed before or after the EQ at the flick of a switch and even place the EQ into the compressors’ side chain for frequency-dependent compression.

The VTRC also works at line level and also includes a high-impedance DI input allowing you to use it as an insert at line level or with your guitar or bass via the direct input.

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