Terry Audio CEQ - Black

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5U 6-band mastering EQ with a mix of passive and active bands combining the best in EQ designs to create the ultimate processor.

At a glance

  • True 'Hardwire' Bypass switch
  • Fully discrete, through-hole components for all amplifiers
  • Complete passive inductor equalizer front panel section
  • Input Impedance > 10k, passive, single-ended; Input Buffer selectable on switch
  • Output - selectable transformer balanced or single ended: both outputs drive 600 ohms to +20dBu, 10k to +24dBu
  • 'Classic' linear regulated power supply (transformer based) uses +/- 24v @ 2A
  • Handbuilt in the USA

The Terry Audio CEQ is a 5U 6-band mastering EQ with a mix of passive and active bands combining the best EQ designs to create the ultimate processor.

The Terry Audio CEQ is an inductor based EQ using an inductor design faithful to the revered Western Electric era with additional Pultec passive resonant shelves, Neumann PEV lacquer/vinyl cutting EQ boost. It is further augmented by an innovative active mid-cut circuit that controls frequencies and the audio's reactivity.

The Best EQs in One Box

At the heart of the CEQ lies a harmonious 'stack' of heritage designs, including the 'Cinema Engineering' bass and treble controls with expanded, exploded, and refined steps featuring true heritage inductors.

Also featured is a 'German Design Heritage' lathe/vinyl cutting band for mid-boost bell control and a new hybrid passive/active mid-bell cut, all encapsulated in a robust 5RU equalizer. The CEQ offers the flexibility to run these filters collectively or 'single-ended' by toggling switches for output transformers and input buffers, catering to a diverse range of audio soundstage goals.

By consolidating the controls of multiple vintage equalizers into one unit, the CEQ eliminates the need for cascading various units in series, ensuring clarity, vividness, and colour in masters and mixes. The innovative 'Shift' control introduces an entirely different EQ soundstage and tonal shift with a simple switch flip, providing an additional layer of tonal versatility.

Premium Components

The CEQ uses premium components, including custom-wound inductors that use heritage "power core" toroids.

The selected output transformer is made exclusively for the CEQ by a legendary "rogue" winder from the 1960s in Chicago. This transformer delivers a large vintage tone.

All controls use fully stepped Elma Switches for easy recall and precision settings. 

Primarily designed for mixbuss and mastering duties, the CEQ offers breathtaking performance during tracking sessions.

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