Used Prism Sound Atlas Multichannel USB Audio Interface

USB Audio Interface

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24-bit/192 kHz, multi-channel USB audio interface featuring 8 Analogue I/O with world-class Prism Preamp, ADAT I/O, S/PDIF and AES I/O, MIDI I/O and MDIO Slot


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At a glance

  • 8x analogue I/O (switchable mic/line/instrument modes)
  • 8x high-grade mic pres
  • 2x high impedance, instrument inputs
  • MDIO slot for optional digital interfaces (initially Pro Tools HDX and AES)
  • ADAT I/O (with SMUX and TOSlink functionality)
  • Built-in stereo SPDIF/AES I/O
  • MIDI I/O
  • Wordclock I/O
  • 2x Headphone outputs (sharing a single stereo bus)
  • Ethernet port (for future potential AVB and networking integration)
  • USB 2.0 host
  • 192kHz, 24bit
  • Latest Prism Sound CleverClox clocking technology
  • Mac OS X and Windows compatible

The Prism Sound Atlas, is a 2U multi-channel 24bit/192kHz USB audio interface continuing the lineage of high quality audio interfaces started by the Orpheus.

The Atlas by Prism Sound features eight of the highly acclaimed preamps originally found on the Orpheus, Lyra and Titan. Low noise and low distortion, the mic preamps of the Atlas offer 55dB of extremely neutral sound. Each preamp has a 20dB pad which allows for high sound pressure levels (SPL) usually found when miking drums, or closed miked guitars and bass. Unusually, the Atlas features and Mid and Side encoder for all mic input pairs allowing you to use this popular technique straight into the box. An Overkiller soft limiter ensures that no peak enters the AD conversion stage avoiding unwanted clipping.

In addition the Atlas boasts the legendary of Prism Sound’s AD and DA conversion. An MDIO slot is included allowing the Atlas to be connected to digital interfaces such as Pro Tools HDX, AES or Thunderbolt ensuring that the Atlas is future proof.

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