Apogee Symphony I/O mkII 16x16SE Dante + Pro Tools HD(TRADE IN)

AD/DA Converter

CAP2: 543750.0
£5,565.00 £6,525.00
£4,637.50 ex VAT
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The Apogee Trade-In Scheme is an initiative allowing owners of qualifying legacy products to part-exchange for a new Symphony I/O Mk II system with an £800 discount, offering multiple connectivity modules and top-performing I/O modules, and supporting advanced monitoring configurations for immersive audio systems.

Apogee is pleased to run the Apogee Trade-In Scheme, which allows owners of Apogee legacy products to part-exchange for a brand-new Symphony I/O Mk II system.

Scheme Details

From 1 July to 15 September 2024, the scheme offers a £800 discount from the SRP, excluding VAT, on a new Symphony I/O Mk II system in exchange for a qualifying Apogee legacy product.

Qualifying Legacy Products

  • AD-16
  • DA-16
  • AD-16X
  • DA-16X
  • AD-8000
  • AD-8000SE
  • Ensemble Firewire
  • Ensemble Thunderbolt
  • Element 88
  • PSX-100
  • Rosetta-800
  • Symphony Mk1 Configured System
  • Trak2

Connectivity Options

Symphony Mk II offers three connectivity modules: Thunderbolt, Pro Tools + (Dante & Pro Tools), and Waves SoundGrid.

I/O Modules

The I/O Modules are the heart of Symphony I/O Mk II, providing flexibility to build your ideal interface. Our special edition modules represent the highest-performance systems we have ever created.

  • 16×16 Special Edition
  • 2×6 Special Edition
  • Connect 8 x 8 MP

With Symphony I/O Mk II Thunderbolt’s Monitor Workflows, you can easily configure and operate your monitoring system for Dolby Atmos, Sony 360 Reality Audio, and other immersive audio systems, controlling up to 32 speaker outputs.

Other configurations are also available. Please call or email us to discuss the best options for you.

Alternative Products