Flock Audio Patch XT

Digitally Controlled Analogue Patchbay

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£9,999.17 ex VAT
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96x96 192-point digitally controlled analogue patch bay with software control.

At a glance

  • 192 point connections (96 inputs/96 outputs)
  • DB-25/D-SUB Tascam standard pinout format connectors
  • 32 assignable independent channels of 48V Phantom power
  • Front panel: 2 combo TRS/XLR input and 2 XLR output
  • PATCH APP Routing Software (OSX & Windows)
  • Create, store and recall routings in seconds
  • Create complex multing combinations with zero impedance issues
  • No AD/DA conversion, 100% transparent analog signal path
  • Remote Sleep/Wake mode control of PXT hardware
  • Patented Flock Audio Matrix Technology
  • Multiple unit expansion with any PATCH Model (PATCH, LT & XT)
  • Internal power supply with IEC cable included
  • 6' USB 2.0 (USB-A to USB-B) threaded securement cable included
  • CAT5 network (optional control) capability (cable not included)

The Flock Audio Patch XT System is a powerful 96x96 digitally controlled 192-points analogue patch bay with software control.

The Flock Audio Patch XT Uses Flock Audio’s patented Matrix technology combined with digital controls accessed via an easy-to-use Mac/Windows software that communicates with the patch bay via USB removing the need for manually patching cables.

The analogue signal stays in the analogue domain all the way through, eliminating the need for unnecessary AD/DA conversions and keeping the sound as pure as possible.

The Patch XT unit includes 96 inputs and 96 outputs accessible via DB25 connectors. It also includes two inputs and outputs on the front panel using  XLR/Jack combo inputs allowing for instant device connection. The Patch XT unit also provides 48V phantom power if required for use with condenser or active ribbon microphones.

The Patch XT includes useful upgrades like a locking USB Host Connector as well as a CAT5 Ethernet Network Host connector for long cable runs.

The Patch system is controlled through the Patch app allowing you to instantly select sources and destinations from your Mac or PC with drag and drop. Moreover, it can easily create advanced coatings. All settings can then be stored and recalled at any time.

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