Flock Audio Patch VT

128-point Patchbay

CAP2: 0 £8,999.00
£7,499.17 ex VAT
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At a glance

  • 128 point connections (64 inputs/64 outputs)
  • DB-25/D-SUB Tascam standard pinout format connectors (rear panel)
  • 32 assignable independent channels of 48V Phantom Power
  • Front panel features two combo TRS/XLR inputs and two XLR outputs
  • PATCH APP and PATCH APP DX routing software (OSX, Windows, iOS compatibility)
  • Create, store and recall routings in seconds
  • Create complex multing combinations with no level or impedance changes
  • No AD/DA conversion, no latency, 100% sonically transparent analog routing
  • Remote sleep/wake mode control of PVT hardware
  • Input signal audio detection integration
  • Patented Flock Audio Matrix Technology
  • Multiple unit expansion with 10 of any PATCH Series model (PATCH LT, PATCH, PATCH VT, PATCH XT)
  • Internal power supply with IEC cable included
  • 6' USB 2.0 (USB-A to USB-B) threaded locking USB connector cable included

The Flock Audio Patch VT is a stellar 128-point patch bay (64 in x 64 out) with unmatched digital routing capabilities, providing the missing link in I/O combinations through its advanced analogue routing technology that has won several awards. 

With 128 channels in a 3U 19" rack-mount chassis, the PATCH VT features two front XLR/combo inputs and two front XLR outputs, enabling without requiring access to the rear panel.

The Flock Audio Patch VT front panel comprises two combo TRS/XLR inputs and two XLR outputs, allowing seamless mics, instruments, and analogue hardware integration. It also boasts 32 assignable independent channels of 48V phantom power. Moreover, it can create, store, and recall routings in seconds using the PATCH APP and PATCH APP DX routing software, which is compatible with OSX, Windows, and iOS.

The PATCH VT has a deep black anodised aluminium front panel with its signature V cutout, accessible Front I/O & Blue LED Ring Sleep/Wake Button, making the front panel both simple and stunning. The rigid powder-coated body and rear panel include DB25/DSUB connectors for easy analogue hardware integration via DB25 breakout cables, a locking USB connector, and an IEC power cable (included).

The PATCH VT's simplistic hardware design and patented Flock Audio Matrix Technology provide a powerful analogue routing experience with no latency, no AD/DA conversion, and sonic transparency with deep user functionality. This technology offers 100% sonically transparent analogue routing with no level or impedance changes when creating complex multing combinations.

The PATCH VT sits between the classic 64-point PATCH and the massive 192-point PATCH XT, catering to mid-sized studios that require more than 32 inputs or outputs but still need to be ready for the PATCH XT. As with all PATCH Series products, the PATCH VT is expandable with up to 10 PATCH modules.

Premium features of the PATCH VT include a built-in power supply, optional Sleep Mode for saving power, and input signal audio detection. Additionally, the PATCH VT is compatible with Flock Audio's XTH Cable Hanger/Management Accessory, which protects your cables from unnecessary wear and tear.

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