Locomotive Audio WT-72

Single-channel vacuum tube mic preamp

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Single-channel mic/line and instrument preamp inspired by the renowned V72, utilizing an all-tube design. With a maximum gain of 56dB, it employs the AC/DC voltage feedback system of the original V72, achieving stability and the necessary gain. The initial 36dB of gain is achieved by attenuating the signal to the first EF86 tube, and the final 20dB is obtained by switching the AC and DC feedback. The gain switching system includes a unique muting system to eliminate loud transients, ensuring valve stability. The design results in superior noise performance as gain is reduced, and the transformer-balanced input and output maintain the distinctive character of the original. The audio path passes through two EF86 tubes, providing up to 56dB of gain, and a plate choke facilitates large output swings with low distortion.

At a glance

  • Mic / Line (XLR) and High Impedance DI Input
  • DI defeats XLR input when plugged in
  • Two EF86 equivalent tubes
  • 56 dB of gain
  • 11 Position Gain Rotary Switch
  • Polarity reverse switch
  • 36 dB pad switch (Line Select)
  • 48-volt phantom power switch
  • XLR input and output connections
  • American input and output transformers and plate choke
  • White LED indicators for phantom, power on, and output signal present (-12 dBu minimum for illumination)
  • Hand-built in USA
  • 115v/230v AC mains option on rear
  • Internal power supply
  • 2-year warranty parts and labour

The Locomotive Audio WT-72 is an all-tube single-channel mic/line and instrument preamp based on the legendary V72. 

The Locomotive Audio WT-72 offers up to 56dB of characterful gain and uses the same AC/DC voltage feedback design as the original to deliver the necessary gain and stability. The first 36dB of gain is obtained by attenuating the signal to the first EF86 tube, while the final 20dB of gain is obtained by switching the AC and DC feedback. A quiet gain switching system that employs a unique muting system eliminates loud transients and ensures proper valve stability. As the gain is reduced, this design produces superior noise performance with lower noise.

The WT-72 has transformer-balanced input and output to replicate the original's unmistakable character. The audio is routed through two EF86 tubes to deliver up to 56dB of gain, while a plate choke provides large output swings with low distortion.

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