Looptrotter Monster 2

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The Looptrotter Monster 2 is a dual-channel FET compressor with an additional tube saturation circuit designed to add warmth to your tracks and mixbuss.

The Looptrotter Monster 2 starts with the FET compressor which has been configured to sound similar to electron tubes and offer a tangible and detailed sound even with large amount of compression.

The saturation circuit uses military-grade tubes (NOS) with prolonged life. It boosts even order harmonics to add life and presence and is especially useful for radical processing of individual tracks and sub-groups.

A Mix control lets you choose between processed and unprocessed signals for increased versatility. It uses a special integrated circuit dedicated for audio applications and offers complete transparency.

Furthermore, both input and output stages are based on similar integrated circuit and the output stage also includes a high-quality capacitor to protect the output.

High-quality resistors with 1% tolerance, FET transistors, electron tubes, meters and pots are used throughout and carefully matched ensuring identical performance in both channels, critical for stereo applications. In addition, all controls except for the saturation uses high-quality Grayhill switches for precision settings and easier recall.

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