Melbourne Instruments NINA 12-Voice Analog Polysynth

12 Voice Analogue Polysynth

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12-voice desktop analogue synthesiser with luscious motorised knobs, preset, 4-pole Lader VCF and a powerful modulation matrix.

"Nina is a game changer, definitely in my top 5 of the synths of all time. It’s instant morphing possibilities, it’s ‘spin’ effect giving cool spatial feel, it’s automated recall which is the solution everyone has been wishing for. And whatsmore, this great little synth sounds incredible."

Jean Michel Jarre

At a glance

  • 12 Voice Polyphony.
  • Fully analogue signal path.
  • Motorised recallable and automatable control panel using long-lasting zero-wear encoders with the feel and precision of analogue pots.
  • Variable shape triangle oscillators. Continuously morph wave-shape between triangle and sawtooth to find new timbres. Different to a traditional blend.
  • Four-pole transistor ladder VCF with modulatable resonance.
  • Massive voice-level filter overdrive.
  • Digital Wavetable Oscillator.
  • Sampling capability.
  • Deep Modulation Matrix. 16 sources to 27 destinations.
  • Patch morphing for complex, expressive effects.
  • Stereo 4 Quadrant VCAs with Infinite Panning effects.
  • Onboard digital effects.
  • 16 Step Sequencer
  • Multitimbral, layered, split, or overlapping.
  • Hackable Open Source software built on a powerful Raspberry Pi 4 running Elk Audio OS.

The Melbourne Instruments NINA is a 12-voice desktop analogue synthesiser that perfectly balances analogue and digital elements. With its luscious motorised knobs, every twist and turn corresponds precisely to the loaded preset, eliminating the risk of losing track or accidentally altering parameters. Real-time movement and precise control over all knobs allow for accurate sound shaping.

The Melbourne Instruments NINA goes beyond expectations regarding sound quality by transcending the limitations of traditional synthesis. Each of its 12 voices harmoniously combines two analogue oscillators with one digital wavetable oscillator, resulting in exceptional sonic richness. The stereo configuration of the voice's pair of VCAs produces an immersive, expansive sound, while infinite panning capabilities position your sound anywhere in the audio landscape.

The NINA offers abundant connectivity options, including four assignable and routable audio outputs for sending your audio to any desired destination. Full-size MIDI In/Out/Thru, two USB ports for controller connection, and four external audio or control voltage inputs ensure compatibility with various devices and instruments.

Featuring the classic 4-pole ladder VCF, the NINA enables warm and expressive sounds that can be easily overdriven or subtly blended into a mix. Its robust modulation matrix allows extensive routing possibilities, offering unique sound-shaping opportunities. The Patch Morphing feature creates complex and captivating sounds bridging the gap between two patches, including modulation matrix settings. Customisation of software and effects is possible using the open-source Raspberry Pi 4-powered audio engine with support for upgradeable open-source VST3 effects.

Whether performing live or recording in the studio, the NINA empowers musicians with its four-part multitimbrality. With the ability to assign voices per part and effortlessly set up keyboard splits or layering, it becomes an ideal tool for synth enthusiasts seeking versatility and sonic excellence. The motorised knobs provided by Melbourne Instruments ensure never get lost in the intricacies of patches again.

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