Moog Compliment A Analogue Sequencer

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This product is discontinued

The Moog Sequencer Complement A is a remarkable addition to the portable Moog Modular synthesizer. Designed to enhance rhythmic accompaniment and expand synthesis capabilities, it opens up boundless inspiration and sonic exploration avenues. Encased in a rugged cabinet crafted from wood and wrapped in sleek black tolex, these portable Sequencer Complements are perfect companions for the Moog Model 15 or Synthesizer IIIp modular synthesizers.

Remaining true to the 1974 Moog factory specifications, each Sequencer Complement A portable expansion cabinet is meticulously hand-built, ensuring an authentic recreation of the originals. The individual modules come to life just as they did in the past, with components being meticulously hand-stuffed and hand-soldered to circuit boards, employing traditional wiring methods. A final touch of elegance is added with photo-etched aluminium panels for each module before they find their place in the new modular cabinet.

It's worth noting that these limited Moog Sequencer Complement A reissues are custom-built upon order, and availability is restricted to limited quantities while parts last. The Sequencer Complement A cabinets draw power through direct connection exclusively to compatible Moog Modular Synthesizers.

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