Moog Sound Studio DFAM & Subharmonicon

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The Moog Sound Studio DFAM & Subharmonicon is a complete semi-modular synthesizer bundle comprising a Subharmonicon analogue semi-modular synthesizer, DFAM analogue semi-modular percussion synthesizer and drum machine as well as all the accessories required to create a powerful analogue synthesis setup.

The Moog Sound Studio DFAM & Subharmonicon is an ideal modular system for rich sonic experimentation, mixing the otherworldly and kaleidoscopic sound of 6-tone sub-harmonic chord shapes and polyrhythmic sequences of the Moog Subharmonicon to the powerful and versatile drum synthesis and drum machine that is the DFAM. More than the sum of its parts this combination offers an incredible combination for a rich experience in analogue synthesis exploration.

In addition to the Subharmonicon and DFAM semi-modular synths, the Moog Sound Studio includes a personal summing mixer with 3-way power distribution, offering flexible routing and powering of the entire system with a single power supply. It also comes with a 2 tier rack kit to mount both synthesizers into a convenient two-tier system with optimum interconnectivity. It also includes all the necessary cables to connect everything.

A Series of guided exercises into modular synthesis is also provided, with exploration games and experimental patch sheets to level up users’ synthesis skills and ideas.

What’s in the Box:

  • Subharmonicon
  • DFAM
  • Personal Stereo Summing Mixer and Instrument Cables
  • 2-Tier Rack Kit
  • Cable Organizer and Custom Patch Cable Set
  • Guided Exercises, Exploration Games, and Experimental Patch Sheets
  • Studio Art

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