Studio Electronics Charcot Circles Eurorack Sequencer Module

Eurorack Sequencer Module

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Studio Electronics Charcot Circles Eurorack Sequencer Module

The Studio Electronics Charcot Circles is a complex, unique CV sequencer module.

Consisting of a single encoder and a 32 push buttons, Circles may not seem like your ordinary run-of-the-mill and that's because it's not. Charcot Circles is a fresh take on eurorack sequencing, it does away with the linear sequencers akin to X0X style note input. 

Circles provides you with a vast array of controls for building interesting and diverse sequences. It can be thought of as either an 8 x 16 step track preset (8 CVs & gates), 4 x 32 (4 CVs & gates), 2 x 64 (2 CVs & gates), and 1 x 128 step track preset (1 CV, 1 gate).

Sequences are created by pressing one of the function buttons and turning the central encoder to dial in a value for said function;

Pad controls include Note, velocity, length, retrig, touch, key, global / play direction, shuffle, load, save, track, Random track, clear, track mute, transpose and shift for access to other features.

The BBOX expansion module, that is available separately allows further expansion of Circles allowing up to 8 CV's and 8 gates per track to be programmed.

Circles may seem like an unusual beast, but at it's very core it is an expressive sequencing environment that focuses and bring out the best of your modular performances.

The main features of the Studio Electronics Charcot Circles Sequencer Module include

Unique CV sequencer for eurorack modular systems

Save and import sequences via the built in USB port

Multiple clock options onboard

Supports up to 128 steps


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