Teegarden Audio FatBoy Tube DI

Tube DI

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The Teegarden Fatboy Tube DI is at the forefront of valve-based DI technology, providing a gentle, natural saturation to enhance instrument tones. Its warm, rich sound is ideal for adding depth to recordings, making it a favorite among discerning musicians, engineers, and producers. Renowned for its simplicity and sonic excellence, the Fatboy Tube DI is the go-to choice for achieving a massive, three-dimensional sound in professional studio settings.

At a glance

  • Vacuum Tube (Valve) based Direct Injection Box (DI)
  • Discrete electronics
  • Compact & Rugged
  • Hand Built in the USA
  • Transformer Balanced LoZ XLR Outputs (Line Level and Mic Level)
  • Pin 1 Ground Lifts
  • Will drive line level direct to converters and DAWs, no mic preamp needed

The Teegarden Fatboy Tube DI represents the zenith of valve-based direct injection technology, offering a subtle yet authentic enhancement to your instrument's tone. This indispensable studio asset boasts a warm and sumptuous sound, ideal for infusing recordings with richness and depth. Whether as a solo musician or within a larger group, the Fatboy Tube DI ensures your audio output is precisely what you desire.

Its straightforward design, operational ease, and unparalleled sonic quality render the Fatboy Tube DI an esteemed choice among astute musicians, sound engineers, and producers. The Fatboy Tube DI is the quintessential selection for an impressively vast and dimensional sound.

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