Rupert Neve Designs Shelford Channel

Mono Channel Strip with Transformer-gain Mic Preamp, Inductor EQ, Diode-bridge Compressor,

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Mono Channel Strip with Transformer-gain Mic Preamp, Inductor EQ, Diode-bridge Compressor, Sidechain and Stereo Link Sends/Returns, Double-voltage Power Supply, and VU Meter

The Rupert Neve Design Shelford Channel is a fully featured channel strip inspired by Rupert Neve's classic designs.

The Rupert Neve Design Shelford Channel delivers the rich tones of vintage equipment with the versatility required by modern day audio professionals. 

Starting with the Mic preamp, the Shelford channel uses a directly coupled custom transformer input that controls the gain. This design references early Neve mic preamps and delivers an instantly recognisable bold sound.  To achieve the performance desired, Rupert Neve Design needed to build a new transformer. The RN4012 transformer provides 15dB of gain while discrete Class-A amplifier blocks are delivering another 57dB for a total 72dB, controlled via stepped attenuator and precision trim pot. This design produces the unmistakable smooth high and low frequencies of vintage equipment but with incredibly low noise floor and superior isolation. The mic preamp section includes 48V phantom power, mic/line selection, and polarity reverse, as well as a sweepable 20-250Hz high-pass filter.

The output stage uses two RN2042 square-core output transformers with low and high headroom to deliver pristine sound and unwanted colouration. Rupert Neve's now famous Silk button gives complete control of the harmonic content of the output transformer with different frequencies affected by the Red (high frequencies) and Blue (low frequencies). The DI stage uses the same Class-A FET with transformer design found in the RNDI portable DI box but includes the new RN4012 input transformer directly into the mic preamp for unmatched clarity and low-end presence.

Following the preamp stage is the 3-band EQ, inspired by a range of some of Rupert's most legendary EQ designs. The low-frequency band takes inspiration from the 1064 EQ to provide a famous resonant, creamy bass but adds a choice of shelf or peak mode adding punch, dimension and increased control of the critical low-end. The midrange band builds on the 1073 EQ design with proportional Q response and provides -15dB/+15dB of gain. The High-Frequency band fuses vintage and modern designs providing rich tone and enhanced controls. This HF band helps bring elements forward without sounding harsh.

The compressor stage of the Shelford channel uses a diode bridge implementation made popular by the revered 2254 compressor but improves it with full-wave rectification. The warm and punchy sound of diode bridge compression lets you capture the "in your face" sound of the best designs of the past with the precision and flexibility allowed by modern designs.

Rupert Neve Designs Shelford Channel Overview:

  • Fully featured channel strip inspired by some of the most revered vintage designs.
  • New Class A, transformer-gain mic preamplifier
  • RNDI-inspired Hi-Z instrument input
  • Best-of-the-classics inductor EQ
  • Super Diode-bridge Compressor
  • Dual-tap transformer output
  • Silk and Texture controls
  • Double voltage power with +/- 24V rail for improved dynamic range and noise performance.

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