Malcolm Toft Integra 8 Console

Small Format Mixer

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£2,995.83 ex VAT
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The INTEGRA 8 is a small format mixing console suitable for tracking or mixing made by UK designer Malcolm Toft

The Malcolm Toft Integra 8 is a small format mixing console with eight Mic/Line inputs, 10 line inputs, four auxiliary sends and comprehensive monitor control.

The Malcolm Toft Integra 8 has been designed very much with today's studio workflow in mind, providing a bridge between the analogue and digital worlds. Whilst many people work 'in the box', signals originating from an analogue source such as a microphone or guitar must be amplified before they can be converted into a digital form. 

The Integra 8 contains a full-featured master section and combines, in a small footprint, all of the components required to go into and out of a DAW in a simple, flexible, and comprehensive manner while giving excellent audio quality. Despite the lack of built-in EQ, the console channels are spaced on the same widths as 500 Series modules, allowing a rack to be positioned directly above and in line with the input channels.

Despite its diminutive size, the Integra 8 can handle some pretty large sessions. There are eight microphone inputs and 18 balanced line inputs. So, for example, at any given time, eight microphones and 10 line inputs can be used. Because there are two fully equipped effects return channels with their own balanced direct outputs, up to ten tracks can be recorded simultaneously. The console's 18-line inputs also make it perfect as a high-quality summing mixer.

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