ATC SCS70 Pro Sub


$4,042.00 ex VAT
ATC SCM45A Pro - Front Pair

ATC SCM45A Pro (Pair)

$11,099.00 ex VAT
ATC SCM12 Pro Passive and P1 Bundle

ATC SCM12 Pro (Pair) + P1 Amp Bundle

$4,688.00 ex VAT
ATC SCM25A Pro mkII (Pair)

ATC SCM25A Pro mkII (Pair)

$9,149.00 ex VAT
ATC SCM12i Pro (Pair) - Front

ATC SCM12i Pro Passive (Pair)

$2,199.00 ex VAT

ATC SCM0.1/15" Pro Sub

$7,005.00 ex VAT
ATC Atmos Package (3xSCM45As,4xSCM25As,4xSCM20As,SCM0.1/15SL

ATC Atmos Package (3xSCM45As,4xSCM25As,4xSCM20As,SCM0.1/15SL

$49,786.00 ex VAT
Amphion One18 and Amp700 Powered Studio Monitors

Amphion One18 & Amp700

$5,062.00 ex VAT
Amphion Two15 Passive Studio Monitors - Pair

Amphion Two15 (Pair)

$4,202.00 ex VAT
Amphion One15 and Amp700 bundle

Amphion One15 Pair & Amp700

$3,987.00 ex VAT
Amphion Two18 and Amp700 Powered Studio Monitors

Amphion Two18 and Amp700 Powered Studio Monitors

$8,512.00 ex VAT
Amphion Two18 Passive Studio Monitors - Pair

Amphion Two18 (Pair)

$6,250.00 ex VAT
Amphion Two15 and Amp700 Powered Studio Monitors - Front

Amphion Two15 (Pair) + Amp700

$5,383.00 ex VAT
Amphion One 18 (Pair) (Studio Monitors)

Amphion One18 (Pair)

$3,124.00 ex VAT
Amphion One 12 Passive Studio Monitors (Pair)

Amphion One12 (Pair)

$1,562.00 ex VAT
Amphion Flexbase 25 System

Amphion FlexBase 25

$6,142.00 ex VAT
Amphion BaseTwo25

Amphion BaseTwo25 Bass Extension System

$10,344.00 ex VAT
Amphion Atmos Bundle

Amphion Atmos (3x218,4x118,4x115,1xFlexbase,Amp400.8,2xAmp70

$28,061.00 ex VAT
ADAM S6X (pair)

ADAM S6X (pair)

$26,292.00 ex VAT

ADAM S5V (Pair)

$16,767.00 ex VAT

ADAM S5H (Pair)

$19,159.00 ex VAT
ADAM S3H (Pair)

ADAM S3H (Pair)

$6,464.00 ex VAT
ADAM S3V (Pair)

ADAM S3V (Pair)

$5,064.00 ex VAT

ADAM S2V (Pair)

$3,576.00 ex VAT

Make the mistake of choosing a subpar pair of speakers, and you'll quickly realize how difficult it becomes to achieve a well-balanced, clear, and accurate mix that translates well to other systems.

We're proud to offer an extensive selection of top-tier studio monitors that are designed to meet a range of needs and preferences. Our collection features high-quality speakers from leading industry brands such as Amphion, ATC, Barefoot, Focal, Kii, Neumann, PSI, and many more. Each of these brands has been carefully vetted to ensure that they meet the high standards that professionals expect when it comes to clarity, fidelity, and durability. Whether you are an experienced sound engineer looking for an upgrade or a beginner wanting to invest in your first pair of studio monitors, we have options that will suit your specific needs and budget.

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